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Data Pipeline for Bankwide BI and Data Governance

Data flow and data model to leverage big data infrastructure for governed analytics.

Agile implementation and flexibility in deployment to ensure best utilization of available capabilities.

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Big Data Governance

Design and build cloud data warehouse.

Integrate data from ERP and surrounding applications.

Design and deploy BI for operational and strategic analytics.

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Manufacturing DW/BI

Apply machine learning to personalize customer interactions.

Uncover opportunities to optimize engagement programs.

Use audience and campaign insight to redefine, align, and streamline outreach.

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Customer Engagement

Automate the scenario driven supply chain analytics.

Enable agile assessment and rapid diagnostics of supply chain,

Dynamic data visualization to facilitate actions and decisions

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Supply Chain Planning

Take on new and complex analytics use case con´Čüdently by leveraging our expertise and experience.

Empower your stakeholders to own and accelerate your BI implementation and deliver consistent, valuable results across your entire organization.

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Managed Analytics

Integrate, customize and develop within and around your analytics deployment for real impact.

Maximize your investment and value with experienced team to build a strong culture of digital adoption, remove barriers to adoption, and enable everyone to utilize the full power of your data technology and do more for your bottom line.

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Our team has engaged in various projects, private and government, across sectors and functions. We work with clients with various needs, resources and analytical objectives.